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Category: Hot Rides

Super Sentra

Back in the day, the unassuming Nissan Sentra B13 offered pretty much what any other benovelent entry-level Japanese sedan of its time brought to the table. It didn’t
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Fine Like Wine

There usually two ways modifying a car can go. The first sees you gradually adding and improving the performance over a few years before you end up with
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Raucous Sensationalism

Admiring this prominently reworked Mk2 Focus RS up close, I couldn’t help but recall my own attempt (albeit unsuccessfully) at ‘coaxing’ a stylish pearlescent white iteration of the
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Weekend Conqueror

The Type R sphere of influence goes quite a bit larger inasmuch as the re-adaptation of Type R components – its driveline, its powertrain, right down to its
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Unfaded to Black

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the saying went. And considering how sumptuously magnificent and unquestionably rare the SL65 Black Series was and still is, you’d figure
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