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Yellow Submarine

There has always been something about the Fairlady that grabs our attention; wait, that can’t be entirely true. Few would disagree with this but the Fairlady has not always been a drop dead gorgeous bombshell to drool over. Yes there was the 1st generation S30 which personified so well how a sports car should look like.

Swooping lines through the long front hood, a compact cabin and a short but sweet rear end; that’s how ultimately all sports cars should look like and few could disagree on that, period. The timeless design on the S30, which was originally sold in Japan as the Nissan Fairlady Z but was exported as the Datsun 240Z, has withstood the test of time without looking like an old carpet in your grandmother’s place among the newer cars of today.

Picture the Datsun 240Z with a lowered stance, wide-arching body and a set of sweet deep dish wheels along with a straight-pipe exhaust growl to go with it. This is a car that redefines the word masculine as it bosses its way around the streets; and if that’s not a lasting impression, I don’t know what is. Few cars have had such charisma, unless you’re talking about the Ferrari 250 GTO or the Shelby Daytona Coupé which are in totally different leagues, but with the 240Z, even if you’re not showing it off as you drive it around, you could still just admire it, sitting at the porch being all pretty and still feel that sense of priceless satisfaction.

That wasn’t the case though for the following Fairlady that was unveiled over the years like the Z32 threatening to send the Fairlady tradition languishing into the doldrums until the more recent Z33 model that we see running around almost everywhere today. Unlike the Z32 which was boxy and lethargic-looking, this curvy, masculine marvel was a firm crowd favourite. Everyone wanted one and it’s not hard to see why; it brought back the essence of the Fairlady; the curves.

Now while you drool over this 480 horsepower supercharged example of one of the sexiest sports cars to come out of Japan, let’s get to the details. The owner of this Fairlady opted for a supercharger kit from HKS which consists of a HKS GT Supercharger Unit and a HKS Intercooler with full aluminum piping, as well as all required brackets, pulleys and belts.

As the Fairlady was fitted with a naturally aspirated engine, supercharging it meant that the stock 3.5-litre V6 engine would need a little strengthening. The HKS camshafts add more power while the HKS Metal Head Gasket clamped between the block and the head ensure a tighter seal. With more power generated from the HKS supercharger, more fuel is needed to avoid any chance of the engine running too lean hence the fueling system was upgraded with a HKS In-Tank fuel pump upgrade kit and HKS 545cc injectors.

Cold and clean air is sucked in with the HKS Racing Suction Kit Reloaded before flowing through the Cosworth Twin Plenum inlet manifold and into the combustion chambers. Exhaust gases are then emitted through the HKS stainless exhaust manifold followed by the Mine’s straight pipe before exiting through the HKS Full Dual Muffler.

Now with all that extra power that the Fairlady originally didn’t have, the cooling system was also upgraded with HKS low temperature oil thermostat, a HKS Oil cooler kit while Billion coolant fluid flows through the Billion Super Solid Coolant Lines. The ignition system was also upgraded with HKS M45iL Super Fire Racing Plugs and a HKS DLi II Twin Power Kit which provides optimum spark duration and maximum voltage output.

A substantially improved transmission delivers power to the wheels with the NISMO Super Coppermix Twin Clutch Kit for better engagements while the Nismo GT Pro 1.5-way LSD provides for better traction. The electronic control systems on this yellow submarine are just as impressive as the upgrades made to supplement the new found power with the latest HKS F-Con V Pro Advance Engine Management System now having the command over the engine’s operations while being linked to the HKS Camp 2 (Advance Vehicle Display) on the interior to provide more information to the driver.

Also present is the HKS Type 0 Turbo Timer which allows the engine to idle for a preset time after the ignition is switched off. Other impressive gizmos installed into this Fairlady include the HKS Valcon II Variable Cam Timing Controller which enables control of up to four camshafts and among others the HKS FSC (Fan/Speed) Controller which manages the radiator fan, keeping water temperatures at a minimum while removing the speed limiter. Nice.

It’s a matter of time before this current Z33 model grow out of trend but with maintenance like these, it is sure that it would not grow out of our hearts. As for those few lucky men out there rolling in Datsun 240Z’s, rock on!

Engine Modifications: HKS Camshafts In / Ex, HKS Metal Head Gasket, ARC Oil Pan, Carbing oil catch tank with steel braided lines and fittings, HKS In-Tank Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit, HKS 545cc Injectors, Cosworth Twin Plenum Inlet Manifold, HKS Racing Suction Kit Reloaded, HKS GT Supercharger Kit, HKS GT Supercharger Unit (Centrifugal Type), HKS Intercooler, Full Aluminium Piping, Supercharger Traction Fluid, HKS Low Temp Oil Thermostat, HKS Oil Cooler Kit, Billion Super Solid Coolant Line, Billion Coolant, HKS Super Fire Racing Plugs M45iL (Iridium + Platinum Double Performance), HKS DLi II Twin Power Kit, HKS Full Dual Muffler, HKS Stainless Exhaust Manifold, Mine’s Straight Pipe

Transmission: NISMO Super Coppermix Clutch Kit (Twin), Nismo GT Pro LSD 1.5 Way

Electronics: HKS Camp 2 (Advance Vehicle Display), HKS Circle Earth System, HKS F-Con V Pro Advance Engine Management System, HKS F-Con V Pro Unit (Latest Version 3.3), HKS F-Con V Pro Harness Set, HKS F-Con V Pro Intake Air Temperature & Pressure Sensor Set, HKS F-Con V Pro Intake Air Temperature & Pressure Harness Set, HKS F-Con V Pro Start/Launch Control Switch, HKS 3 Bar Map Sensor, Lamda Time, HKS F-Con V Pro Tuning, HKS Turbo Timer Type 0, HKS Valcon II Variable Cam Timing Controller, HKS FSC Controller

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