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Lusting after Lee Yvonne

It’s a Lee Yvonne overload this month as the sultry model is on the cover and is the star of the gallery as well, demonstrating her riding skills with ease. She’s on top our Christmas wish list and for good reason too although we’re pretty sure Santa will have a hard time delivering on this, no matter how nice you’ve been.

She’s not just another pretty face though, the Klang girl also dabbles in emceeing and has an online fashion blog shop. In her free time, Yvonne likes catching musicals but also has an adventurous streak and loves wake-boarding, something we would never have guessed.

Modeling is definitely her career plan for as long as possible but she’s already trying out hosting to expand her repertoire and is keen on doing more with her blog shop.

So is she as hot in the kitchen as she is on our pages? She certainly would like to think so herself and has had some success cooking up some dishes. Her favourite dish is dark soy sauce chicken with potato cubes stew.

On the topic of a casual chill out or party hearty, Yvonne is all docile now and would love nothing more than to chill out with her friends although she does cheekily admit she used to ba party animal. Nonetheless, house and electronica music still gets her feet tapping but jazz is high on her list of faves too.

If she ever had the chance to have a perfect weekend, you’ll find her sprawled out on the beach sun-tanning with her iPod on full blast and sipping a cocktail, with those little umbrellas for added effect.

Now the main reason you can’t have her for Christmas is because Santa has already given her to somebody else. If you’re wondering what that guy is like though, he’s probably not clingy, has a great sense of humour and is loyal like a puppy dog because those are the qualities she looks for in a guy.

Yvonne can be one hell of a person to hang out with though, describing herself as unpretentious, driven and fun. Lastly, she firmly believes in not let anything hinder you from becoming who you really want because it’ll be really sad if you look back one day and regret on the things that you could have done differently.

Name: Lee Yvonne
DOB: 22/10/1988
Age: 23
Place of birth: Kuala Lumpur
Height: 170cm
Weight: 49kg
Visual stats: 32 – 24 – 34
Awards won: Miss Malaysia Tourism Metropolitan 2009, Miss Veet 2008


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