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Ten things we love about the Wild and Wicked New Civic Type R

As per its time-honoured tradition, the wild and wicked new FK8 Civic Type R, the fifth generation of Honda’s iconic compact scorcher come feature packed with a multitude of Honda go-faster innovations incorporated into the FK8 platform; alas with a more visually aggressive persona.

According to Hideki Kakinuma, Civic Type R Assistant Large Project Leader, the FK8 Type R was ‘a dream that came true – in the shape of a Type R. Created with high levels of comfort, unrivalled interior space and track-inspired styling to match its top performance’.
Undoubtedly, with more than 320ps & 400Nm from its K20C1 Turbo the latest Type R embodies all that its passionate designer had envisioned, possessing all the renowned substance of the Type R lineage.

In conjunction with the Malaysian debut of the new Civic Type R we bring an impromptu list of ten things we love about the brand new FK8 Type R. pretty much everything from its wild Manga anime styling enhancements to its trademark dynamics we picked ten quintessential bits we love:

1. That wild & aggressive aerodynamic package
Going against Type R tradition over the first four generations, the FK8 Type R features all-out aesthetic aggression from that brutish snout, bulging sides and the most elaborate rear end with a humongous Type R spoiler to boot, it does it for us

2. Matching Type R rolling stocks
New 20″ alloys, unique to the Type R, complement the aggressive sport styling . The car sits low and has a mean look with 245/30 ZR20 tyres that fill the wheel arches perfectly. The body is hard to ignore, designed with short overhangs and taut lines that manage the airflow – over and under the car – for increased high-speed stability.

3. The forced induced K20C1 VTEC Turbo
At its heart is a soul-stirring 2.0-litre VTEC TURBO engine. It’s raw, it’s powerful, it produces 310 PS (400Nm of torque) and a large dose of adrenaline when you hear the mighty roar of the triple-exit exhaust.

4. Sharper & crisper shifting
The Civic Type R’s new six-speed manual transmission will for sure give you the most invigorating acceleration ever. This car will take hold of your emotions and won’t let go. The new rev match control system ensures no compromise in the Type R’s intimate, rewarding connection with the driver. It works progressively in all driving modes allowing you to execute seamless gear shifts without any shift shock – just like a pro.

5. Agile handling
The Type R has a stiffer chassis and a completely new suspension system.
The Type R’s torsional strength has been increased by 38% and the dynamic benefit of this is its determined and purposeful performance. With intimate contact between you, the car and the road you can drive with total confidence.

6. A race-tuned ride
The front MacPherson strut suspension system is revised for the Civic Type R with new geometry to minimise torque steer and maximise sports handling. This car hugs the road and doesn’t protest when you ask for more power.

7. Push-button driving modes selection
You can change the way the Type R feels by switching between modes even while driving – so when you come to your favourite corner you you can easily flick out of ‘Sport’ to ‘+R’ mode for a quick on-track experience. Comfort’ mode – for a smoother and more economical drive; Sport’ mode – this is the default Type R setting (more precise handling, ptimum vehicle set up for driving on your favourite open road); ‘+R’ mode – Track-focused ‘+R’ mode is for the track.

8. Sporty interior with that Trademark Type R colours
The Civic Type R comes with class-leading interior space, a low centre of gravity, more headroom and a more engaging driving position. The new high-backed racing seats – specially shaped with revised bolsters and cushion pads – are the lightest Type R seats ever created. Redesigned and reshaped specifically for the Type R, these sport seats provide comfort and support in all driving conditions. Redesigned and reshaped specifically for the Type R, these sport seats provide comfort and support in all driving conditions.

9. State-of-the-art Honda Type R tech
The new FK8 Civic Type R comes with extra sensory advanced safety features among others: Collision mitigating braking system, lane keeping assist system, traffic sign recognition, plus intelligent speed limiter

10. We want ONE!
Apart from the abundantly obvious reasons already mentioned, the FK8 Civic Type R is insanely quick, as attested by its 7:43.8 Nurburgring lap time – almost 7 seconds faster than its predecessor, setting a new record for FWD cars.

Photos: Dennis Lhy