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The Mini brand has a new logo

Traditional values and trendsetting designs – both these seemingly paradoxical elements are at the core of the new brand logo belonging to the Mini. From March 2018 onwards the new brand logo shall be seen on all the Mini models.

The new minimalist theme of the world famous logo has forego the three dimensional presentation of the brand logo that has existed since the brand was relaunched in 2001, instead introducing a visual language dubbed ‘flat design’ which reduced it to only the essential graphic elements.

The adherence to the traditional basic motive of a winged wheel with the brand name printed in capital letters ensures a high recognition value in the center. The deliberate omission of shades and shades of gray creates a high-contrast black-and-white impression, which corresponds to the authentic and clear orientation of the new brand appearance and is universally applicable due to its two-dimensional design. For product labeling, the new logo will take its place on the hood, at the rear, at the steering wheel’s center and also on all remote control models.

The brand says that the new logo reflects a clear commitment to the tradition of the British brand, which now stretches back almost 60 years.