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Tag: Audi

Suave & Stylish

The Mansory range of unbelievably expensive premium car tuning is what you might call excess. Virtually everything with the Mansory insignia represents excess in terms of cost and
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Razor’s Edged

The Audi R8; Manufactured by Quattro GmbH. These designations do not require any histrionics (at least verbally). There’s just this endearingly robotic quality about the first ever production
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Subtle Aggression

Audi has a strong global reputation thanks to their motorsport successes like the Audi Quattro and its revolutionary four-wheel-drive system, and the Audi R8 (the Le Mans racecar)
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Audacious Audi

Living in a multicultural society leads to richer experiences in life and a better understanding of things around us. It allows us to be more open-minded and patient
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