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// Tag: Mini

Mini On Steroid

For those of you, who didn’t know much about the Mini Cooper brand – John Cooper was a racecar driver from England and with his ...
// August 20, 2015

Deus Ex Machina

The first time I came across this car was on a quiet weeknight. It was a regular yumcha gathering and meetup with friends at Rock ...
// May 22, 2015

MINI Cooper Neue

The MINI was originally conceived from a familiar dilemma. In 1957, post-world war II England faced a fuel crisis caused by the Suez Canal conflict. ...
// April 9, 2015

Good Things Come in Mini Packages

Reminiscing our childhood heroes and icons, we all remember that iconic movie, the original Italian Job which brought to us three things, the beautiful city ...
// March 31, 2012

Big, Bad Mini

This is the perfect formula for a truly fun car: Take one small, lightweight and nimble chassis, throw in a lightweight but powerful engine to ...
// March 19, 2012