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Tag: Perodua

Short and sweet

One of the most common cars on the road is the Perodua Myvi. It’s cheap and easy to maintain, making it the prime choice for most university graduates
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Xtuned Xtreme Myvi

Let’s get one thing straight about fast Kei cars, the only thing diminutive about them is their size. That’s pretty much the only thing kei about them, everything
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Mega Makeover

The Perodua Myvi since its launch in 2005 has become one of the top selling car in Malaysia, with record sales figures every month. In October of 2010
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Little Rascal

It’s apparent that all our readers are aware of the popularity of compact vehicles that have been earmarked for modifications these days. There has been a huge following
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White Knight

Helplessly watching while others have the time of their lives blasting around the highways in their Japanese turbocharged monsters or continental exotics is definitely not a pleasant feeling
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The Pink Shocker

Kazama Autoworks of Johor Bahru are known for churning out beautifully styled beasts with big horsepower under the hood. Although most of their clientele drive big and expensive
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