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Tag: Porsche

Widowmaker Personified

The Le Mans Prototype scene, a spectacular closed wheel closed cockpit racing series every bit as intense every bit as competitive as that ‘other’ ultra glamorous open wheel
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Viewing Pleasure

The Porsche 997 – second generation of the water-cooled engines and the most commercially successful 911 platform of all time. Part of its success is owed to the
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Population Control

There are Ferrari owners, and then there are Porsches owners. The rest of us mortals that drive a twenty-year-old car but has the potential to probably match the
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In a world where power, size and money take precedence above all else, Gemballa’s GT 650 is king. There aren’t many other cars which have as much presence,
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Moving On Up

Life is all about making progress. From the day we’re conceived in our mothers’ wombs, we start progressing from an unrecognizable mess of cells into a fully grown
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The Exotic Marque

Most people take cars as man’s gift to civilization, an automotive mode of transportation to get them from A to B. Some, mostly males, look at cars passionately
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